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Optimize your site for search engines

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2014 09:19AM CEST

Basically your position in search results is determined by:

  • A proper technical set up, including so called Meta Tags.
  • Content that is to the point and clear.
  • The authority of your site (the more quality links to your site, the higher your authority)

​At Stinngo, we have taken care of all essential technical elements of what is called 'search engine optimization.'

​What you can do yourself is make sure that your texts are clear, attractive and inviting. That will be pleasing to the visitors of your site and search engines as well. This is what you can do:
  • Make the titles of your paragraphs clear and inviting. 
  • Keep paragraphs short and write the headers in such a way that they summarize the text below.
  • Use the most important words to describe your B&B in both titles and paragraphs: you confirm to your visitors (and to Google) what your site is about. Search engines 'read' your site and if they don't find the words "bed and breakfast" and "Amsterdam" on your site, you are not very likely to be found based on a search term "bed and breakfast Amsterdam." Yet: don't start stuffing those 'keywords' into your pages. If you write pleasing and clear texts for your visitors, you should be fine.
  • Keep your site up to date.


The so called 'Meta tags' are automatically generated from the content you provide on your pages:
- The title of your page
- The first 150 characters of text you enter in the first paragraph of text

We have structured the different elements on your pages (contact information, texts, photos, reviews, tips for your guests etc.) in such a way that search engines will be able to distinguish all these different parts of content, which is helpful in getting good search engine positions.

Next to the technical structure of the site and 'pleasing' content, the other factor that determines your position in search engines is the 'authority.' You will increase your authority by having incoming links to your site from other reputable sites.

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